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Welcome to the Sabeel Development Programme

If you are ready to take that next big step in your life and make that real change, if you are the type of individual that doesn’t like to sit around waiting for it to happen but be the catalyst that makes it happen then this is the programme for you!


Designed to Make You Excel

The Sabeel Development Programme is designed for those who truly want to excel and take accountability for their own growth. The programme is delivered over 3 years and focuses on several elements that will help individuals to propel and excel in their Islamic knowledge as well as their personal development.

Personal Qur'an Programme

Students are enrolled on a 1-to-1 bespoke Qur'an programme with qualified teachers and are required to reach targets on a yearly basis

Focus on Key Development Areas

Within the programme we focus on key development areas including but not limited to Tazkiyah, Ibadah, Akhlaq and Leadership

Online Assessments

Every element of the programme has an assessment, this is to track students progress and to push students to get the most out of themselves and the programme


A Purpose Driven Curriculum

A lot of thought and time has gone into the Sabeel Development Programme curriculum to ensure we have a syllabus that will encourage growth and holistic development for all of our students.

There is a fine balance of Weekend Retreats, 1-to-1 Bespoke Qur'an Classes, Online Classes, Intensive Seminars and Assessments for all the aforementioned components of the Programme.


Siddiqiyah Model

The Siddiqiyah model adopted by Sabeel forms the cornerstone of the Sabeel Curriculum of excellence. It seeks to produce a Siddiq, one who excels in all of the areas alluded to in Suratul Asr. Sabeel has produced a carefully balanced approach that ensures development in all of these areas over the 3 years.

The areas we focus on are:

Iman, Knowledge, Righteous Deeds, Da’wah, Character, Collective Unity and Skill Competency.

It is this reason that participants are encouraged to take part in the full array of activities offered in the programme to ensure maximum gains in their own development.


What Do I Receive When I Register?

9 Weekend Residential Retreats

Personal Qur'an Programme (PQP)

Six E-Courses

Six Online Intensive Seminars

Comprehensive Course Notes

Personal Student Portal

Online Assessments

Personal Development


And So Much More!


What do sisters say:


“Sabeel has honestly been life changing for me. Nothing I have experienced has allowed me to work on every aspect in my life through the anchor being Islam. Sabeel has taught me how to understand and implement Islam into my life and has forced exponential growth in myself and everyone I know. From the Shuyukh, Murabiyaat, environment and like minded sisters there is no better place to go if you want to excel in your religion and consequently your life.” Sana


“The Sabeel Development Programme has truly transformed my life, revealing a potential within me that I never knew existed. Through their retreats and seminars, I've gained invaluable knowledge, sharpened essential skills and experienced growth that has positively enriched every aspect of my life, alhamdulillah. I wholeheartedly recommend Sabeel to anyone looking to unlock their potential and live a more fulfilling life. Nabila  


"Honestly, I only came seeking knowledge and somehow they turned me into a teacher and a daa'iya. They gave me a vision and lofty ambitions. They guided me in my understanding of the religion. They changed the way I look and act (for the better). And when I faced hardship, it was through this community that I was lifted back up. I've never experienced anything like Sabeel and, now 6 years in, I don't intend on leaving anytime soon.” Amirah


"I love Sabeel for the framework it gave me to think with. It has also made me think bigger; on a macro/Ummah level and where my vision fits within it.” Umm Maymoona


Sabeel has set the foundation of strong yaqeen and reliance on Allah, allowing me to revert back to it whenever things become difficult. It has truly paved the path of Allah and shows me the way like a guiding light.” Wahida 

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  • 36 monthly instalments of £79
  • 9 Residential
    Weekend Retreat
  • 120 weeks of 1-to-1 30 minute Qur’an classes
  • Six e-courses
  • Six Intensive seminars
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  • 3 Instalments of £800
  • 9 Residential
    Weekend Retreat
  • 120 weeks of 1-to-1 30 minute Qur’an classes
  • Six e-courses
  • Six Intensive seminars



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  • One-off hassle free payment
  • 9 Residential
    Weekend Retreat
  • 120 weeks of 1-to-1 30 minute Qur’an classes
  • Six e-courses
  • Six Intensive seminars

Our Development Programme will help you make the most of your potential.

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