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When you read with reflection beautiful things begin to appear that simply weren't there before.
Be prepared to transform your habitual 'dry' reading of the Qur'an to a meaningful interaction.
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Learn the true reality of sin, how to overcome its effects and return to the endless mercy of your lord, Allah ﷻ.
It’s never too late to repent to your Lord and make a fresh start. An on demand course on the importance of Tawbah (Repentance to Allah). Taught by Shaykh Farid Haibatan & Shaykh Ali. 
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Salah (Prayer) is the source of many virtues. How many of them do you reap?
An intensive course designed to help Muslims truly unlock the many beautiful virtues of Salah and ultimately develop a deeper connection with their lord, Allah ﷻ through developing khushu (focus).
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Start making positive change through learning the key principles of living more productively.
A short yet transformational course on how to cut through the bad habits and begin to know yourself, set visions and make the most of your time left on earth.
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Striking the balance - The Principles behind Maslaha & Maqasid
This course looks at how knowledge of the Maqasid influences rulings and whether the spirit of the law overrides its letter. We explore who decides what the general aims of the Shari’ah are and how this decision is made.
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Manners have the heaviest weight on the scales. Which side does yours tip?
Lessons from Surah al-Hujurat to help you build good manners so you can show yourself in the best light possible, have more meaningful relationships and earn the love of people and the love of Allah ﷻ.
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"Joining the 3-year Sabeel programme was the best decision I ever made. It has helped me to develop my knowledge, worship and character; overall making me more confident as a Muslim. The regularly spaced out retreats throughout the year provided the perfect checkpoint for me to reassess my development and being able to do so alongside like-minded individuals has made it a unique experience. I would highly recommended it to anyone."

Umair Hassan
Sabeel Graduate