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Masterclass 101: The Theory of Success - Tarbiyah

Learn the Prophetic Tradition of Tarbiyah and Take
the Steps to Become a Murabbee (Mentor)

1st November, 2020

Taught by Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Can I Reflect Over the Qur'an?

10 techniques to reflect over the book of Allah.

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Taught by Ustadh Asim Khan.

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Do You Fight Back or Spread Salam?

You’re scrolling through social media, relaxed on the sofa, when you notice that an elderly uncle has started trolling you, throwing insults under your post about a trivial issue.

Deep inside, you feel the heat of anger boiling up. Do you erupt and tell him how it is?

Let’s rephrase the question. Do you give in to Shaytan’s whispers and write back evil words that result in the displeasure of Allah ﷻ?

Or do you restrain yourself and follow Allah’s guidance:

“And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say peace.” [The Qur’an 25:63]

You are Defined by Your Character

In every situation of your life, every relationship in your life, when you approach it with upright, moral character such as compassion, honesty and fairness, then you’re able to build deep, meaningful connections with the people around you, achieving their love and the love of Allah ﷻ. However, when you approach it with the opposite, such as oppression, false promises and disrespect, then you’re left with unresolved conflicts, depression and the displeasure of Allah ﷻ. That begs the question, what are these righteous manners and etiquettes and - more importantly - how do we implement them to earn the love, respect and trust of others and make them feel understood, valued and comfortable around you - all in a way that’s pleasing to Allah ﷻ?

Bring Out the Best in You

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “I have been sent to perfect good character.” [Al-Muwatta, Sahih]

The Quran and Sunnah have laid down the clear guidelines of what good manners are and what they are not. You simply need to pick up these guidelines, understand and implement them to build better relationships, stronger communities and ultimately please Allah ﷻ.

Under the influence of social media and all the other complexities of the 21st century, it’s easy to get confused as to what constitutes backbiting and what doesn’t, when to refrain from articulating your thoughts and when not to.

We designed this course on Akhlaq & Adab to help you put Allah and His Messenger above your ego and nafs. It will inspire you to live your life with integrity as you learn practical steps relevant to 2021 and what it truly means to respect yourself and those around you.

Topics and Themes Covered in this Course

1 - The Challenges of Modernity, Rapid Passing of Time and Maintaining the Terrible Status Quo

2 - The Dangers of Relying in Yourself to Take Account

3 - Islam's Mechanism for Development

4 - The Greatest Murabbi: A Prophetic Case Study

5 - Pillar 1: Putting the Theory into Practice - The Framework for Successful Tarbiyah

6 - Pillar 2: The Murabbi Mentor

7 - Pillar 3: The Mutarabbi Mentee

8 - Challenges and Practical Workarounds + The Mentee > Mentor Cycle

In essence, this program will help you gain focus and direction in your life, while also preparing you to become a leader, mentor and guide according to the Prophetic tradition of Tarbiyah.

Introducing a Course on Akhlaq & Adab

Lessons from Surah al-Hujurat in building good manners. Show yourself in the best light possible, have more meaningful relationships and earn the love of people and Allah ﷻ.

Al-Hujuraat – an Overview

The theme and coherence of al-Hujuraat, its interrelated messages and objectives. The interrelationship between Iman and good character and the world’s need for Islam’s ethics.

Putting Islam in Second Place

The dimensions and circumstances of putting oneself forward, ‘al-Taqaddum’ ahead of Islam, using contemporary examples.

Dealing with Fake News

Why should a Muslim verify, what it means to verify news, and the times and circumstances that it becomes heavily emphasized?

The Messenger of Allah is in your Midst

To what extent can we rely on our instincts in ascertaining what is good. The importance of not only loving Iman but actively hating its opposite.

Questions & Reflections

You will learn how manners and ethics can be used to our own advantage and success, even the wisdom behind prohibitions, and how an unregulated society spells its own ruins.

Who is this Course for?

This course is for you if you’re looking to… 

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Transform your relationships with your spouse, colleagues, friends and family.

Learn how to minimise, eliminate and prevent conflicts to form and keep strong connections with the ones you love. Help them to feel understood, valued and comfortable around you.

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Understand the verses of the Quran.

This is in regards to the honourable and moral character that believers should uphold and discover how to implement these etiquettes in your daily life. Learn how to exercise kindness, courage and self-control in a way that’s pleasing to Allah.

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Show yourself in the best light possible.

Learn how to behave appropriately, professionally and with high self-esteem, whether that’s in your workplace, when going for a marriage proposal or life in general. Show everyone around that you are trusted, loyal and righteous.

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What You’ll Receive When You Register:

  • Live Lectures professionally presented so that you can watch it from any device, anywhere.
  • Live and Interactive Discussions so that you can pick the brains of our instructors on their specialised expertise.
  • Course Recordings just in case you can’t make it to the live sessions.


Special Bonus:

‘Behind the Apartments’ book (physical copy) by Shaykh Ahmed Hammuda

As a student of the Akhlaq and Adab course, you will receive a free physical copy of this insightful book that will act as your notes for this course.*

‘Behind the Apartments’ extracts a handful of universal and vitalising Quranic insights, revealing the indivisible interdependency between ethics and Iman.

It does so by exploring Surah al-Hujurat, a chapter which in of itself is a masterclass in ethics, manners and realities. This engaging and thought-provoking commentary shows how internalising al-Hujurat’s ethics is the key to unlimited personal and societal benefit, extending to Muslims in their homes, local communities and to the Ummah at large.

*Free UK mainland shipping only. Please contact us if you live outside of the UK to discuss prices for postage.

Note: We cannot guarantee delivery on time for the live course for any orders made after Wednesday 10th February.

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Meet Your Instructor

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Shaykh Ali Hammuda

Ustādh Ali Hammuda gained his bachelors and masters’ degrees in Architecture & Planning from the University of the West of England, before achieving a BA in Shari'ah from al-Azhar University in Egypt. He is currently based in Wales and is a visiting Imām at Al-Manar Centre in Cardiff, and also a senior researcher and lecturer for the Muslim Research and Development Foundation in London. Ustādh Ali is the author of several books including 'The Daily Revivals' and 'The Ten Lanterns" and continues to deliver sermons, lectures and regular classes across the country.

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