£55.00 GBP

Sabeel Foundations

Designed to Make You Excel

The Sabeel Development Programme is designed for those of you who truly want to excel and take accountability for your own growth. This first retreat explores the power of intentions, how to rectify them and the impact of intentions on actions and their acceptability.

What can you expect? 

  • A closer relationship with Allah
  • A clearer sense of your vision and purpose in life
  • A deep understanding of Islamic sciences and how they impact thought and behaviour
  • Improved memorisation and recitation of the Quran
  • Oriented to being Akhirah (hereafter) centric
  • Improved character, habits, and behaviour
  • Improved personal worship and dedication to Allah
  • Significant gains in terms of growth in all our developmental dimensions
  • Forge meaningful lifelong relationships with our scholars and your cohort

 Limited Spaces

  • Full weekend Residential
  • All Meals Included + Refreshments
  • Course Notes will be provided
  • Qualified Scholars and Experienced Murabeen
  • Activities