Striking the Balance

The principles behind Maslaha and Maqasid

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Jazak'Allahu Khayr

Striking the Balance - Sisters Retreat

The Principles behind Maslaha & Maqasid

This will be delivered as a LIVE course over 3 weeks.

This is the 7th retreat as part of our Sabeel Development Programme for sisters which consists of 9 retreats.

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Registration is now closed

Striking the Balance - The Principles behind Maslaha & Maqasid 

The concept of Maslaha (benefit) and the Science of Maqasid (Higher Objectives of Islamic Law) intricately link all of the injunctions of the Shari’ah.

This course looks at how knowledge of the Maqasid influences rulings and whether the spirit of the law overrides its letter. We explore who decides what the general aims of the Shari’ah are and how this decision is made.

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Live and Interactive Discussions so that you can pick the brains of our instructors on their specialised expertise.

Course Notes that you can refer back to at any time in the future.

Course Recordings just in case you can’t make it to the live sessions.

Student Portal Area where you can access all your recordings and download all your resources - the best part is you have lifetime access to all of this - no expiry dates

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What will we cover?


Guidelines in applying Maslaha

Dealing with Maslaha that opposes scriptural legal texts

Misuse of the concept of Maslaha and Maqasid

Limitations and Conditions of Maslaha

Maslaha and Contradictions

The difference between a valid Maslaha (benefit) and bid‘ah (illegitimate innovation)

Categories and Levels of Maqasid

Dealing with conflict between different Maqasid

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Dates and Timings

This course will be delivered over 3 weeks. Please see the dates and timings below:

Friday 5th March 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 6th March 8:30am-2pm 

Friday 12th March 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 13th March 8:30am-2pm

Friday 19th March 8:30pm-10pm

Saturday 20th March 8:30am-2:30pm

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What are our students saying...

"The retreat was an amazing experience!! I enjoyed my experience here and I honestly cannot wait for the next one!"

"Alhamdulillah, sisterhood, amazing knowledge, great activities and much more! Loved and enjoyed every bit of this retreat alhamdulillah! So, so grateful to be in this programme!"

"Sisterhood was amazing, the teachers were excellent, the staff were brilliant, cannot fault this experience and advise all sisters to try it out!"

"What makes me return to the retreats is the content, it's very relevant and deep. It's something that needs to be learnt by all practising muslims. But not only the content but also the sisterhood - sisters from all around the UK and the world get together to learn for the sake of Allah - can't get more beautiful than that"

"I have to say I found it more useful than I could have imagined. The fact it was online meant I could slot it into my other commitments without needing to be away from them. It provided Iman boosting snippets that lasted the entire week."

"It was a very pleasant experience. My team and all the other sisters were very welcoming and inclusive. The Sabeel experience has boosted my Eemaan, my confidence, taught me so many skills along the way, presenting, speaking, critical thinking, creative skills, cooking and allowed me to set aside time for my own personal growth on my deen. I have made long term friends with all my team members Alhamdulillah"

Sabeel Memories...

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Final year package


One-off payment (£30 saving)

  • Access to final 3 retreats (Maslaha & Maqasid, Usul al Khilaf & Usul al Bid'a)
  • Interactive discussions
  • Comprehensive Course Notes
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to retreat recordings* and course resources
Registration is now closed
*In the instance that we are able to hold physical retreats than course recordings will not be available. Recordings will be made available for all online retreats. 

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